Wedding Photographer FAQ: Your Questions Answered

We’ve been in the wedding photography ballgame for quite some time and we definitely consider ourselves up there with the top wedding photographers in Dublin. Having worked in the wedding photography business for so long means we’ve gotten a real insight into how it all works. Often, clients and prospective clients are just too polite to […]


How To Choose a Wedding Photographer You’ll Adore

How To Choose a Wedding Photographer You’ll Adore While the wedding photographer isn’t the most important person at the wedding on the day, he becomes the most important person afterwards. Skimp on your photographer and you’ll end up with horror stories: heads chopped off, everything is out of focus, or the pictures look like they […]

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How To Shoot Wedding Photography in Natural Light

  At Ebony and Pearl, we take great pride in our wedding photography. There’s nothing quite like being able to tell a story with only pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words after all, and what story is greater than the love story on show at a wedding? We shoot in natural light and […]


Siobhan & Lorcan’s Wedding

    Here are some of our favourite images for our recent shoot with Lorcan and Siobhan. The weather was beautiful, the pair of them looked great, and they were very happy with our photos. A great day all round!